Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bye Bye Portland, Hello Snow...

Sitting in the airport at PDX with an hour to kill until boarding.  It turns out that this is the only airport I've been to yet that has free WiFi.  I love it already.

Good times had in Portland.  Saw Duke off to whatever antics await him in Rip City.  Got to see Zach's band, Archeology, open for Kay Kay and the Weathered Underground last night, and then drinks with a few of his friends.  Full blogpost detailing the end of the roadtrip and my week in Portland to come probably tomorrow.

This next week it's back to the grind.  Making up hours at work, job hunting, marathon training.  Friday the adventure continues. I'm hopping a train down to Chicago to dogsit for a friend for a week.  It'll be the longest I've been back in the city since I graduated back in 08.

Now I'm going to find a notebook so I can get some writing done.  I'd work on the laptop, but the battery has a minute and a half battery life.

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